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Audio Production




Is your song good enough to get on Radio? Can it  capture the interest of a Record Label? Can it captivate the audience and strike an emotional chord. Is it almost perfect but something still seems to be missing? A good song and a great recording are only half the battle. We are here to help you win the war.


In todays competitive market you definitely need magic to make you stand out from the crowd and shine a bright light on your new musical creation. This is where Audio Production plays a role. We make sure that your song is pitch perfect and Radio Friendly.


Every aspect of the song is inspected. Is the vocal melody memorable? Is the hook catchy? Is the chord sequence doing what it should? Is the rhythm section establishing the groove?

We analyse these and many other  issues and ensure that your song reaches it's full potential. You need to hit the Bulls Eye if you want people to take you seriously, and gather an audience to create your musical career.


Because we know that close isn't good enough. We encourage you to go all the way.

At Replay, every musician can choose what he wants to do. The services provided will meet your every need.




This type of recording guarantees you swiftness and less studio time. Each band member is recorded individually and the recording is subject to a mix-down that unifies the final sound. This service is especially recommended for demos since it requires no intervention by a producer. You do however make full advantage of our recording engineering skills.





Do you want a more professional sound and a song that reflects all the privileges you are entitled to? Then Pro Recording is for you. The entire song is worked and reworked by our producers so that every bar is perfect. The rhythm section is immaculately laid down with extreme attention to detail, so that all the other instrumental sections take their place in the unique Jigsaw Puzzle that is yor composition Each band member records individually to ensure the pristine sound of every instrument. Then, this recording  goes through the editing, mixing and mastering process to achieve a final high quality result, ready to send to all distribution platforms.





Premium Recording is a combination of all the services available in Pro Recording allied with the hiring of experienced session musicians who know how to compliment your composition in the best way possible. Raising your game to the big leagues.